I was a student of the two years integrated program at Tapasya Learning. I was trained for the competitive exams like KVPY, AIEEE, BITSAT, and Karnataka CET. The integrated program helped me manage my time with the college curriculum and JEE syllabus.  We were supposed to take exams every fortnight which kept us focused on our studies and also provided enough time to learn new topics before taking a test on them. We were supported and encouraged to work hard, which provided us the morale boost during the preparation.

Mr. Varun.D.N

Undergraduate student, NITK, Surathkal

I am successful today because of all my teachers from kindergarten to engineering.  Tapasya learning classes were responsible for my success in competitive exams. I attended Tapasya Learning and was taught by Mr. Jagdeeshwar Rao sir. The faculty at Tapasya helped in developing a very strong foundation in science subjects. More emphasis was given on intuitive understanding and problem-solving skills which helped me clear my entrance exams with good rank and also excel in engineering. Tapasya was not just a coaching class; we found very good mentors and motivators in our teachers. They repeatedly emphasized the importance of those two years because of which I have got what I wanted. I value the hard work and dedication of all the teachers at Tapasya, who have worked selflessly for our success.

Mr. Srinivas B. S

Final year B.Tech., National Institute of Technology, 

I wish to thank Tapasya faculty for improving my confidence in my ability to succeed at the entrance exams. I have covered good ground in the last year and my basics are far better. Tapasya teachers are very capable and motivate us to reach our aims of becoming competent professionals.                                                                                  

2nd year PU, Mudalgi

I want to become a doctor and last year I had only a desire. Now in my second year Tapasya lecturers have given me a fair idea of what it takes to get into a medical college and leading me through their excellent coaching. I am motivated and now work harder and have shown a great improvement in my understanding of the subjects and now I have a realistic and achievable goal.

2nd year PU, Mudalgi.

I am a student of 1st PUC. Tapasya teachers are very good. They teach in a way that is easy to understand and remember for a long time. They repeat the basics from time to time helping us to consolidate what is taught. They give us regular and thorough readings. I want to be an architect and am getting a good base to excel in my future profession. Tapasya faculties are guiding us very well.

Ms.Sneha Hebbelli,
1styear PU, Belgaum

Our teachers from Tapasya teach us each and every concept very clearly. They give us work to do at home and when we come back to class discuss and teach us what we did wrong . I am certain of meeting my goal of doing well in CET and becoming a doctor.

Mr.Gangadhar Addanagi,
1st year PU,Belgaum.

My teachers from Tapasya are excellent. I have made tremendous progress in the past one year and I thank my lecturers who taught me well and gave me confidence and courage to dream of becoming a doctor and I am very close to achieving this.

2nd year PU, Kumta

I am a 2nd PU student and Tapasya teachers have instilled confidence in me that I can become a very good engineer/technocrat. I hope to get into an IIT.

2nd year PU, Kumta.

I am in 2nd PU and wish to become a Doctor, Tapasya Faculty is excellent. The basics are taught very well, a lot of numerical problems are solved in the class and we are very confident of cracking the entrance examination with high ranks. My aim is to get into a good government medical college and I am now determined to do so as I am well equipped now, thanks to Tapasya faculty.


I want to get into one of the top 10 medical colleges in Karnataka and I am thoroughly prepared psychologically and in terms of understanding of the concepts. Tapasya teachers are very good at making us know the entire process of preparation for the entrance exams and are helping us through the process. I am very clear in my expectation of what can appear in the examinations.

Ms.Keerthana K .S,

I want to become a doctor and our teachers from Tapasya have made me confident of aiming high in the exams and achieving success. In the class, the teachers give us names of 4 of 5 reference books to improve our knowledge and now we are clear in our minds of what is involved, in terms of, a commitment of time, effort and energy to succeed in reaching our goals.


I am an II PU student and I want to become a Doctor and to do well at the entrance exams, Our Tapasya teachers give many references, from where we can learn more thoroughly and with better clarity. When we started the course we were a little overwhelmed about the amount of work needed to succeed but our teachers have helped us immeasurably and we are coping very well.

Ms. Shwetha,

Tapasya lecturers are easy to approach and clear all our doubts as and when they arise. We are learning multiple methods of solving the same problem. I wish every student should get faculty like Tapasya’s. With emphasis, I recommend Tapasya to other students.


Tapasya faculty in all the four subjects is helping us to cope up with the syllabus. With their care and concern for students, we are happy that we are doing well. Tapasya faculties are sincere, friendly and approachable. I am now sure of achieving my goals both in the entrance exam and in Professional life.


Tapasya made me very confident of getting into an IIT Since I have been made aware of and being guided towards succeeding in the in the entrance examination by Tapasya faculty. We will have to carry on just like this for a few more months, in order to succeed.

Mrs. Abhijith S.K,
2nd PU, Bagalkot

Tapasya Faculty is excellent in their ability to anticipate and guide students on their path towards success. They are very approachable and we are very happy with our teachers from Tapasya.

Ms. Susmitha Bandi